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Conrad & Scherer Llp Win Judgment Against Insurance Companies

Phillip Wasserman has indexed annuities and caused life insurance nearly all his life and has been licensed since 1979 in 40 states, employing more than 400 licensed agents country-wide. As a leader his width could be calculated through the tens of thousands of agents he has trained over time. Wasserman can be the published author of the popular book Outlasting the Storm: A Guide to Retirement Planning and Annuities and receiver of the Allianz Top Gun Award.

Phillip Wasserman is widely considered to be an useful consultant and spokesperson, having encouraged insurance companies all over the country and talked to over 25,000 older persons about listed annuities, retirement planning, and life insurance. Companies every where value his professional knowledge and experience within the area and often ask him to guide them and speak for their events. He is an influential chief whose degree of knowledge is needed and wanted in many circles inside the aspects of life insurance and annuities.

Phillip Wasserman’s work-ethic goes beyond what he can do in the office and often transends into other areas of his life, demonstrating the passion with which he regards his work. Wasserman, out to conserve the integrity of his work, instantly launched out to fight it, as set insurance when Rule 151A threatened the status of listed annuities. After losing eight numbers in legal fees, he the salvation of several persons benefitting from them and has managed to protect the annuity sector from Rule 151A.

Top insurance companies often look for Phillip Wasserman’s advice on anything regarding life insurance, annuities, regulatory problems, and product development. He’s been involved with over a billion dollars worth of annuity expenditures and has demonstrated an outstanding ability to accept huge projects and resolve them reliably. Phillip Wasserman’s cause qualities, professional knowledge, and extensive experience have gained him the respect of established agencies and people global.

An outstanding event planner and fundraising pro, Phillip Wasserman has additionally been in charge of several philanthropic events that have helped him to boost thousands and thousands of dollars for charities. Attending the function were leading insurance and security business representatives, who contributed generously.

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